By: Thomas K. Welker, @thomaskwelker
October 20th, 2016


Nobody likes pre-roll. You know when you're trying to watch a show and you have to put up with 75 seconds of ads before you're "allowed" to watch the show? It feels like you're in timeout watching the clock. That's just a fact that we've come to understand as we get immerse ourselves in more and more digital media but while pre-roll is a droll blockade to your fun, it also gives all advertising a bad name.

Advertising is synonymous with the boring, the intrusive, the unsolicited, but it doesn't have to be. What advertising should be doing is connecting you with things that you love in an organic way and I hope that as we learn and grow in digital marketing that advertising is no longer intrusive but rather something you welcome because it introduces you to things that are useful. That starts with tailoring things to the viewer. I'm not talking about in some creepy watching-your-every-move way but in a way that integrates promotions in to your content and allows you to choose whether you're interested or not. 

When it's done best this is something that's already happening without you feeling solicited. More advertisers have to understand that the consumer should be given the option to choose whether they want to engage in the advertising and that's going to be beneficial to the consumer in that you'll get to enjoy your content and the word advertisement won't have such negative connotations but it will also do something for the advertisers themselves. When you let consumers choose if they want to let an advertisement be part of their day you're also going to more easily filter out the waste in people you're spending money advertising to that you won't convert.

Just some thoughts for the morning, tweet me at @thomaskwelker and let's talk about it.