By: Thomas K. Welker, @thomaskwelker
October 19th, 2016


In an effort revamp my writing a little bit I've decided to write something every day. There will be a few longer form pieces like my past journals but this is more of a place to share my quick daily thoughts or things I found and get something out on to paper. Hopefully something here might resonate with you or at the very least I can write to myself.

Today I'm really thinking about the career journey. If you know me well then you've probably heard me say before that I don't think we're meant to have one job any more, at least for certain industries and I'm not even the thousandth person to suggest that. Again if you know me you know Im always doubling back to make sure what I said was articulated the way I wanted it. I really don't think as a person we should be defined by a single title. That doesn't mean that you add a bunch of titles to your Twitter bio just because you started doing them recently. There's a difference between learning new skills and acting like you're a professional when you're not.

Over the years I've found myself wanting and getting in to artist management, digital marketing, creative advertising, concert promotion, blogging, graphic design, programming, journalism, clothing design, music production and more. Some of those succeeded and are my biggest strength, the reason I get paid on a daily basis, and some I quickly lost interest in doing. We have so many interests that our journey in our careers has to mean that we try all kinds of different things. Your major isn't your career, your interests should be and if you're like me then your goals aren't industry specific. I'm interested in making the best product I can and that means learning all kinds of skills and getting paid for it. I'm in the business of being myself.