During my time with DJBooth, I was tasked with keeping readers up to date with daily music releases and had the opportunity to pitch my own original series to Z, Nathan and the rest of the fine folks at DJBooth and their sister site RefinedHype.

Although the daily music posts gave me the opportunity to expound on singles and albums released every day, one of the most exciting things I was fortunate to write was my own editorial series “Lost Ones.” “Lost Ones” focused on the famous artists of yesterday, the small glimpses of fame we saw from these artists who have seemingly disappeared. It was my job to dig deeper into their story, to examine where they went and learn what they were currently up to. Below are a few screenshots that link to several articles I wrote.

Project Credits and Thanks

A big thank you to Z, Nathan Slavik and the whole DJBooth team for giving me a place to express my thoughts.