I asked the show's promoter to work on the street team for Nice Entertainment's first major concert with Mac Miller, parlaying this opportunity into becoming the stage manager for that night’s performance. In the coming years, Nice’s founder—now the manager of rapper Goldlink—would open up a recording studio and office space for Nice Entertainment allowing his team a place to meet and collaborate on upcoming events and ideas. While working for Nice, I served as the promotional manager for hip hop shows including 2Chainz, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Meek Mill and more. I also then managed the stage on concert days, and also managed the intern program for a summer.

Although most of the web presence from Nice Entertainment has been removed since it closed, the concert posters and photos still serve as a reminder of the great work done.


It was such a great opportunity to learn from Henny, Alex (now Louie Lastic), and the rest of the team at Nice Entertainment and Indie Media Lab. Thanks for Cam, Kidd Marvel, Nicky Chulo and all the other great friends I made working with the team.