THRONE is a startup turned full-fledged company, founded in 2012, that strives to create a growing community of fashion lovers.  I was brought on board in 2016 and am now part of the team working to create a one-stop-shop for the up and coming brands in the streetwear and fashion market. THRONE partners with up and coming fashion brands to sell through our online marketplace, provides a place for users in our community to curate and show off their personal style, and offers a source of informative and educational articles about fashion and sneakers. As senior strategic leadership I manage a team of staff writers to make sure that the content we put out is creative, fresh, and important to the culture. In addition, I’m also responsible for content strategy and ensuring that our digital media presence creates conversation. This means using analytics and advertising to help grow our reach as effectively as possible. Lastly, the position also allows me to demonstrate leadership both in managing the staff writers, as well as through providing feedback to other teams in THRONE about their work and helping to guide the company’s overall business direction along with the firm’s other leaders.


I can't thank the THRONE team enough for giving me the chance to work with them in building such a special project. Emeka, Johnathan and the others are important to the culture as they are intelligent businessmen.