I had always been looking for an outlet to express my opinions on hip-hop without soliciting them too heavily or having them get lost in the sea of opinions that is social media. I thought YouTube, with the right production and marketing, could be an extremely viable outlet for this. I believe video is the most shareable and engaging form of media right now and that YouTube is the perfect platform - with it's search engine being the second largest online SEO takes up most of the strategy for visibility. In the beginning I had set out to create videos that shared interesting information but as I created content I realized sharing my opinion was much more proprietary and with a polished finished product I could have a significant competitive advantage over those who lacked either hip-hop knowledge, design and editing knowledge, or marketing knowledge.

I'm happy to say that in my first month, February of 2017, the channel generated over 14,000 subscribers and a total of 2 million views. It's been a great success thus far and I aim to improve my production quality and frequency of content in order to achieve continued growth.

Below is one of my more successful videos. Give it a look and check out the rest of the TKW Presents channel on YouTube.


All of the actual work of scripting, editing, designing, and marketing I do on my own but I do attribute a lot of what I learned to my experience at DJBooth in terms of scripting and a lot of my approach and knowledge to all my friends and those I look up to in the industry. It wouldn't have been successful without watching them work and set a model for others.